Youth Teams Compete at Spooktacular 2017, 12U Squad Goes Undefeated

Three Rain City youth teams along with many families and Coaches Thor and Meredith traveled to Victoria, BC, at the end of October for the Spooktacular Water Polo Tournament hosted by Saanich Water Polo School. Here’s a tournament report from Coach Thor:

We took 25 players ranging from veteran 14 year olds down to three 10 year olds – Evan Testerman, Patrick Borden and Vincent Ryser. All are now INTERNATIONAL water polo players!

The 14u team was made up of players who were actually mostly 12 – so that was a little rough. They improved and were held together by the unflagging efforts of Evan McCoy, Evan Yeary and Ian Shultz. It would have been a very unpleasant weekend without the leadership of these three and the team really improved throughout the weekend They won their final game vs. the host club in an appropriate Sunday football score of 23-19! The highest scoring game in the tournament by far and maybe the highest scoring water polo game I have ever been involved in.

The 14u Girls are also on the young side and battled through the weekend having a great time despite nothing in the win column. That said, in their last game vs. Fraser Valley the only real difference was shooting. The game could easily have gone to either team with a little better shooting on our part and a few less of their loopy rainbows going in! Vast, vast improvement. There is a VERY good team waiting to emerge from this group.

The 12u team shone. This was really the first time we have had the chance to get this team good competition and, as all the coaches expected, they were awesome! They won the division going undefeated and outscoring the combined competition 57-29.