Rain City is committed to growing the sport of water polo in the Puget Sound region.  We welcome all athletes regardless of experience or skill level. We often get inquires from parents and athletes who have never played water polo or have limited experience.  To encourage participation, we are proud to offer a free week trial period.

Come enjoy the Rain City experience, free of charge, for one week.  Meet our coaches, participate in practice and experience the Rain City community. To join us for a free trial, complete these two easy steps:

1) Click here to sign-up for USA Water Polo’s 14-Day Free Trial Membership

2) Click here to complete our free trial online registration




Below are a few frequently asked questions from prospective athletes and families:

1.) Why should I play water polo?

Water Polo is the most exciting, challenging and demanding of all team sports. It combines a swimmer’s endurance with a wrestler’s strength while incorporating elements of soccer, football, basketball and baseball. However, unlike soccer, there’s no downtime (everyone plays offense and defense); unlike football, size isn’t the most important factor; unlike basketball, height isn’t the most important factor; unlike baseball, everyone touches the ball. If you like to swim, enjoy constant action and love team sports, water polo is the perfect sport for you.

2.) Why should I play for Rain City?

You should choose our program because of our experienced, knowledgable and supportive coaching staff. We believe that their passion for teaching, coaching and mentoring young athletes will result in a lifelong love for the sport.

3.) What basic skills do you need to play water polo?

Any players nine or younger should be comfortable in the water to the point they can swim without constantly using the bottom or the sides and have the fundamentals of the crawl stroke. Players 10 and up need to be confident swimming/treading in the deep end. Perfect technique is not required!

4.) What athletes have high water polo potential?

With hard work and dedication, anybody can become a great water polo player. The best players are typically those with a love of the water and team sports experience.

5.) Do we need to participate all year?

No. We operate with four seasons and understand and encourage athletes to participate in other sports and activities.

6.) Is there lots of gear to buy?

No. Water polo is one of the least equipment-intensive sports around. A suit, goggles, a towel. There are water polo suits that we will ask you to purchase as you get involved in tournaments, but you need a suit anyway!